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Hole Type Hydraulic Elevator

Elevator Speed Controller

When compared with traction lift, this Hole Type Hydraulic Elevator has diverse advantages. This Hole Type Hydraulic Elevator has flexible setting of the machine room position, and hence a spate top machine room is not needed. The machine room of this Hole Type Hydraulic Elevator can be flexibly set within 10 meters ranges near the shaft which more complies with the individual design requirements of the constructions.

Highlight :
  • Wide loading range
  • Strong adaptability
  • Large Car and tonnage design
  • Maximum carrying ability reaches to 4 tons
  • Saving space and energy consumption, reducing the cost
  • Counterweight device is not needed, which increases the utilization rate of the hoistway and greatly saves the construction space and costs. Meanwhile, when the lift is going downwards, depending upon the work done by the cabin's own weight, no electricity is consumed
  • The highest safety and reliability are ensured
  • Apart from all the safety protection devices of the traction lifts, we additionally add the multiple hydraulic circuit protection systems such as safety valve, limited speed disconnecting valve, etc.
  • The products are of the compact structure, low fault rate, easy for the daily maintenance